Sacramento Pump Day LXXIII -- TBA

There will be a "Donation Hopper " out on the workbench...if you happen to have spare items or money that you would like to donate to our cause there will be a place available to do so...things we're looking for are:

-CASH...for bulk CO2 tanks, food, bunkers, field maintenence, etc...
-Lunch Food / Sodas / Waters
-CO2 Tanks / 12 grams
-Barrel Plugs / Condoms
-Gun Elbows, 1" and 7/8"

Bunker parts are also gladly accepted:

For over 5 years now, we've had a Pump Day once a month, every month, averaging anywhere from 2 - 50 people each day. The field has changed regularly over this time to evolve to what we have now. It has many different bunkers and will accommodate up to 15 vs. 15 play. The field is a speedball-based field built out of plywood, Spools, Palates, and other items. Bunkers include 'T' bunkers, 'V' bunkers, a 'snake', Center '50', etc. There is also a tree line on one side we call the tunnel, providing good cover which is in play. Players can use this to sneak around the field and get to opposite 30 bunkers relatively un-noticed. During our games, the regulars have come up with names for many of the bunkers such as shower, house, wheelbarrow, gate, shovel, star king, Wigums bunker, and Tims bunker, after the safety orientation feel free to walk the field and ask one of us what is what.

Peter "Wharf Rat" Simpson & Tim "FirePro84" Firpo

Peter Simpson's Private Field / Sacramento, CA
Please park in the back! SEE MAP BELOW!

9am - 6pm ... Play will begin when people show up and go until we decide to quit...usually its 9 - 6
Admission is FREE, Air / C02 is FREE, Gun loans (if needed) are FREE, Lunch/Drinks (hot dogs) is FREE, RESTROOMS ARE FREE! ;-)

All paintball players are welcome, beginners to tourney veterans.
Attitude and safety violations not tolerated. Come out to have a good time and be safe.

· Paint....
There will USUALLY be paint for sale at $10 a bag.
· POT LUCK FOOD! any kind of meat for BBQ or chips or side dishes!
· Mask (we will have a few loaners)
· C02 / HPA Tank (we will have loaners)
· Scuba Tanks (if you have any)
· A Digital Camera (if desired. Pics can be sent to me afterwards for posting in the gallery)

- When you're on the field: MASK ON.
- When you're off the field: BARREL PLUG IN.
- NO alcohol allowed during play, do not create unsafe situations.
- DON'T shoot over the netting intentionally, it's there for a reason.
- DON'T shoot without a barrel cover in the parking lot.
- DON'T have bad attitudes towards other players.
- DON'T overshoot other players, more than 3 balls is overshooting.
- If you violate any of these rules, you may be asked to sit out a game or leave.

The day is based around pump guns, and we may play theme games such as "Terminator", "Zombie", or things like that where semi's are allowed. LIMITED SEMI PLAY WILL BE ALLOWED DURING THE DAY (see below rules). We also play mix and match games with pumps and semi's after 2 PM, but we try to keep semi's to a minimum, that's not what the day is about. We will play different game styles such as: Elimination, Capture The Flag, Center Flag, 1v1, "Terminator", "Zombie", etc...

1. Semi's will not be allowed on the field until after 2pm.
2. semi's include any gun that doesnt require a pump after each shot to fire it.
3. Semi's can only bring 1 hopper of paint on the field when playing. NO PODS.
4. semi's include pistols. Pistols may only carry a clip full + 2 spares or 10rd tubes on the field. Pistols ARE allowed before 2pm.
5. semi's must be chrono'd at 280, just like every other gun.
6. more than 3 shots on someone is OVERSHOOTING, please dont do it...if you see a hand/gun up, they're out.

The CO2 and HPA fill stations are both operational and free of charge, if you know how to use them to fill tanks, please fill your own, if you would like to be taught how to at the begining of the day Peter or I will be happy to show you. If you do not know how and would rather not do it yourself you may find one of the regulars, and ask them for help.

There will be a "Donation Hopper " out on the workbench...if you happen to have spare items or money that you would like to donate to our cause there will be a place available to do so...Things we're looking for are:
-C02 Tanks / 12 grams
-Barrel Plugs / Condoms
-Gun Elbows, 1" and 7/8"
-Cash...which will go towards new loaner guns, lunch food, and new equipment for bunkers and field maintenance.
-Bunker parts are also gladly accepted: plywood, palates, T-stakes, etc...

35980 Delta Breeze Ct.
Clarksburg, CA 95612

Directions for Peter Simpson’s House:
· The house is about 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento
· From downtown Sacramento, Take I-5 south toward Stockton.
· Take the Freeport/Meadowview exit, and turn left at the light - stay in the right lane.
· Turn right at the third stop light (just two blocks) onto Freeport Blvd. There is a Home Depot at this intersection on the left.
· Travel about one mile to the town of Freeport.
· Turn right onto the bridge at the far end of Freeport and cross the river.
· Turn left onto the levee road off the bridge, following signs for Clarksburg
· Travel about four miles, passing Silver Bend and the old sugar factory.
· Turn right on Clarksburg Road. It is the first full road past the sugar factory, but has only a small sign marking it. (If you see the large "Clarksburg" sign and a hardware store you have missed the turn, and need to go back one block.)
· Drive about four blocks through town, passing the fire department, and the high school’s athletic field/football stadium.
· Just past the back fence of the athletic field, turn right onto Delta Breeze Court.
· The house is the green house on the corner of Clarksburg Road and Delta Breeze, with a whale weather vane.

If you have any trouble finding us or have questions before the date, please call 1(916) 744 - 1513 for assistance.

- FirePro84 -
- Wharf Rat