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You know you're old school if you can confidently post a correction to the old school post or can provide a picture of yourself to back up things on the list.


Gear bad necessity's back in the day consisted of turpentine and baby powder/ corn starch, saran wrap, camo duct tape, a hat and scarf because the weather could change drastically.

Getting a hand kill was the ultimate.

you actually felt bad when you hit a guy more than twice.

you had to keep track of shots in groups of 5 to keep your stripper clip from misfiring.

not all markers were calibrated to 300fps.

running out of air scared people on the other team.

Going to Foxhunters in Castro Valley and buying paintballs where they weighed them out on food scale.

If you remember Abbey Stapp, the ref at paintball Hill.

Gary Bennett leaning on a garbage can all hung over at Store Wars 4.

Palmers guys blasting Pink Floyds "Dogs of War" over the PA at 'The Hill as they played.

Palmers "Grinder" at Store Wars 5.

The Ironmen playing in tigerstripe, tanel cleats, and no mask on their goggles.

Darryl Trent playing with the chrome Sniper (I still have the T-stock from that gun)

Darryl Having THE FIRST Minicocker, unanodized.

The Ironmen playing with Line-SI Pointmen (I still have one of those too) and quickchangers.

JT wristbands for 12 grams.

Nelspot-007 BEFORE they would accept barrel extensions.

Battle grips for 007's where 3 grips came in the bag.

Having to stop an Outlaw game because a guy got his bell rung by a California Magnum to the skull.

Paintball Hill T-shirts where they have an older logo that was silkscreened over with a new logo.

Playing at the Arka bros. field in Cordelia.

You know you're old school if you can confidently post a correction to the old school post or can provide a picture of yourself to back up the items on the list.

when 3000 rnd cases still existed.

When only two companies made paintballs.

when you made hoppers out of oil cans and toilet bowl floats.

when 3000 rnds lasted you and your buddies a few months.

when a paint hogg was someone who shot more than a 100 rnds in a day.

when you went to Glenn Palmer's shop and it was his garage.

When meeting Jessica Sparks and Randy Kimaya was a big deal.

When you saw the F-1 Illustrator previewed.

When you know that the F-1 was actually a gift made by someones friend for him then turned into a bigger gift for paintball.

When you got to see perfect circle paint before it was released to the public.

When being able to actually talk with the owner of a big company and he took the time to listen.

Seeing Keith Idema beat the snot out of the owner of USI at the Master's Open.

Having nearly everyone at the field old enough to drink the beer legally.

The whole team went to the bar and laughed when the youngest guy got carded.

The whole team stumbled to the hotel legaly drunk before the game.

You have jersys older then most of the people playing and all the refs.

You find todays guns boring. they all look the same and shoot the same.

You watched a general brawl between two teams and had 40 people involved.

You remember when game fixing was punishable by a ban and cheating was frowned on.



<Ryan "Swanson" Smith>

1. When fields were so large..."live" players used to sneak behind enemy lines by walking with "dead" players. (referes specifically to Paintball Hill in Napa)

2. When said "live" player would be continually "lit up" every other game by pissed off players, whether he was in fact "live" or "dead" ( and the refs would not argue)

3. If you witnessed a player jump into the "lake" at Paintball Hill and swim for the base.

4. If you remember tournaments at Paintball Hill where you used a different shaped "hole punch" to mark what stations you had been too.

5. If you remembered when it was "rare" and "cool" to see paintballs collide in midair.

6. If you rember a "good shot" was shooting someone from 30-40 yards away. With one ball.

7. When getting your barrel "spirally drilled (?)" was a 50 dollar job at a local machine shop.

8. lastly....if you remember Paintball Hill.....

</Ryan "Swanson" Smith>


<Gene Jordan>

You remember when a case of Zap brand paintballs came preloaded in 40-round plastic hoppers.

You have ever held official IPPA Safety Certification Guide for Paintball Field Operators, Revision 0.0

You own a IPPA members patch, complete with the paintball splat to dot the lower case letter “i”.

You know what the “Muf'in Light Horse Brigade” is and who the original 4 “Members of the Muf” were.

You have ever held a Worr Games Products price list from when their address was 13517 (and ½) Alondra Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.

You have spent more time sorting through old paintball products at any previous WGP location than you spent on the tour of the facility or visiting with Bud.

And last of all: You read through this list online in one sitting and more than once nearly had a tear come to your eye.

</Gene Jordan>


<Sean DeVine>

You've ever been "loaned" to the opposing team because your team captain's SMG-60 AND your own Nelspot 007 with a 4" barrel extension and a speed wheel would be an unfair advantage if they were both on the same team.

You've ever mistakenly tagged a turkey hunter who jumped up (white as a sheet) yelling "I'm shot! I'm shot!" (lucky it was orange paint)

You've ever cancelled a game for fear of being shot by turkey hunters.

You've ever used an old pile of plywood and a rusty screen door as a "sniper's blind".

You know from personal experience that .62 caliber paintballs will punch right through a rusty screen door, and still not break when they hit you.

You've ever seen 10 guys in camo dive for cover because somebody ripped out 15 rounds of air from a misfiring SMG-60.

You've ever intentionally ripped out 15 rounds of air from an SMG-60, just to watch 10 guys in camo dive for cover (and to save paint).

You can accurately chronograph your Nelspot based on how loud it is when it fires and how much CO2 vapor is visible.

You've ever crowded (with 15 other guys) around another player, watching a demonstration of something called a "Q-change".

You can calculate fps adjustments using "washers" as the unit of measurement.

You've ever cut your face on the hose clamps holding your 7oz CA bottle to the Crossman stock on your Nightmare LB.

You've called yourself out and stripped down to your cup on the field because you were using a huge anthill as cover and are being stung to death, and the guy who was just shooting at you calls himself out to help you get the ants off.

A canteen is part of your standard field gear. Also a compass.

You know that a handful of leftover .50 cals from your .3357 and a couple of wads of paper towel makes a pretty serviceable "shotgun" load if you cram them down the barrel of your Nightmare just right.

You've ever mounted Rapide guts into a toy Star Wars blaster because it looked so darn cool on the field.

You've ever gotten lost doing a flanking maneuver.

You've built your own fill station out of miscellaneous pipe fittings from Ace hardware - and survived.

You've ever soldered a pipe nipple to an empty 12 gram CO2 cartridge.

You've ever spray-painted a bunch of 12 gram cartridges black so they wouldn't give your position away when you were wearing them in your shell vest.

You own at least one 12 inch piece of PVC covered in camo tape.

You remember when Brass Eagle markers were "hot sh*t", instead of just the ordinary kind.

You remember when it was OK to call a marker a "paintball gun".

You think "speedball" is something you play at the end of the day to burn up your leftover paint, because it's too dark to play real paintball.

</ Sean DeVine>


< Methusleah>

In the beginning…

When you shot yourself in the hand while trying to reload your rented Splatmaster.

When the Field Owner knew everyone's name and gave them patches for reaching certain numbers of kills.

When, at the end of the day, you had two types of bruises…one from the paintballs and one from when the CO2 cartridges stored in your BDU pants hit your thigh while sliding into a bunker.

When you would pile leaves over the new kid and tell him to guard the flag station.

When every piece of paintball equipment you owned was covered in camo tape.

When you would pick balls up and shoot them BACK at your opponent.

When you would collect dimpled or blistered balls to make paint grenades.

When others considered you an “airsmith” for cutting a ‘speed strip slot' in your PMI.

When all barrels had bead sights.

When you couldn't wait to read the next episode of Sgt. Splatter.

A little later on…

When your Automag had nubbins.

When you super-glued the bolt trying to attach said nubbins.

When TK demonstrated 7bps on a steel barrel at the end of the Automag video.

When you learned how hard it was to find the on/off assembly the first time your removed the A.I.R. valve from your Mag before discharging it.

</ Methusleah>


You know that Glenn Palmers e-mail address used to be:

You've ever had your ass kicked by a member of Wolf's Lair's Waffen Elite....and he now is your team captain. - Jared Kapsiak

when a six pack was part of your pump gun, not in your cooler or above your waistline...

You own more paintball guns than a 10 man team would need to play a tournament... & You've used them all.

You've ever played a game using a paintgun OLDER Than your opponents / teammates. And they marvel that not only does it still work, but you're actually tagging people with it.

Somewhere, you've got an article of clothing with the remnant of someone's grand expirement to make a better paintball. Specifically, stuff like "Glitter" paint, "Waxy" paint, Iodine stains, neon glowballs, metallics....

-you still have a scar from someone's grand expirement to make a better paintball. Specifically, Pro-Bounce, BE's "Brass ball bearings", Zap's "new" shell, Cal Mag when they did the Am open...

You remember that the full auto "SMG-60" was banned for two reasons. .62 and 9 BPS was too fast a rate of fire.

You've handled a 10 round tube made of metal.

You long for the old tournament format : 45 minute games. 15 man teams. 50+ acre woods fields. Capture the flag. And more often than not, a win was scored while opponents were on the field somewhere.

-you play big games or scenarios because that's the closest to the way games "used to be played".

More for the old school purists, but you've ever been told you need to put a barrel bag on "The top barrel" of your SC gun. Alternatively, if you've ever argued with a ref / field owner that no barrel bag in his pro shop fits on your PGP.

You remember buying paint in 200 round shrinkwrap boxes. 180 black balls, 20 bright pink. And you'd load them in your stickfeed 9 black, 1 pink, 9 black, 1 pink....

"Paintcheck" Mgazine was East Coast, APG was west coast, and Paintball News was black and white.

You still want to meet the "Ultimate Paintball Warrior".

With some neoprene, an exacto knife, some glue, and a "Butler creek" pop lid, you can make a 40 round ammo box hold 60 balls.

Speaking of that, if you look hard enough, you can find in your collection somewhere a 40, 50, 90, 100, 150 and 200 round hopper. And given time, you can find 10, 40, 90, 100 and 140 pods "somewhere" too.

You've bought a stickfeeder for $25.

You know the origins of the term "Speedball". You also have pictures somewhere of players in an arena couse in camo, plus photos of the "Shocking pink" JT Jerseys the Ironmen wore.

You watched paintball on ESPN in '96 and said aloud "Who planted the doors all over the place?"

The phrase "Magic Box" still makes you cringe.

You've seen so many barrel fads that you're happy to stick with the stock tube your gun came with. Or you're a die-hard of one of the "Old School" companies who hasn't radically changed their style in a decade. (LAPCO, Amrson, J&J...)

A case is 2500 balls, and anything less is a short case.

You've ever "tumbled" paint to make it shoot better.

If you've ever had an argument that "Constant Air" would ruin the game, either way. It also counts if you have a Co2 wrist bracer that holds 6 powerlets and is in camo.

You've sewn patches onto your camo jacket for fields you've been to.

You still wear BDU's because you can't justify spending $100 on a pair of pants just to trash them in a month or three. And you really hate picking burrs out of those fancy jerseys when you play.

You have an e-gun in your hands, you carry almost 600 balls on your back and 200 in the hopper, you're playing a 'groomed' woods field that resembles "Speedball with trees", and you find yourself crawling from one bunker to another because the angles were "just right" and you saw no need to "spray the bunker" you were heading twords.

You understand the satisfaction of setting up a shot, and one-balling a guy from 130+ feet in the goggles.

You have a "Nelson Spring Kit" for your NELSON BASED gun, NOT for an Autococker! And you know why it's so funny to put Nelson springs in an Autococker too. (Think ancestry)

You know where the "World Cup" used to be held, BEFORE the Mouse, and before "Paintball World" in Kissimme...

You remember when JT made a "Kevlar" styled helmet. You also remember that Vents were WAY better than anything else out there. But Jones goggles still ROCKED!

Related, you've ever taken a knife to a pair of "Uvex" goggles in an attmpt to reduce the "Fog". Or you've taken a hacksaw to some "Woodstalk" masks so you could BREATHE under there.

What the kids call "ghetto rig" we call "ingenious" or "making it work". You gearbag has electircal tape, allen wrenches, teflon tape, duct tape, screwdrivers and plyers, zip ties, and several other "fastening devices" meant to hold someone's gear together "for now". Some of your best temporary fixes still reside on your feed necks to this day...

YOU know "The Brute" was the original plastic paintgun. Well, that and the Splatmaster, the "Cheezy 2000", Rapide and all it's offspring....

Any of the following names actually means something to you : Ken Kelsh, Fred Schultz, Chip Kurdt, "Sandman", Bob Gurnsey, Len Canter, Sandra Day, Jim Lively, Randy Kamiya...

When you have been around long enough that people go on the other team just to shoot you.

When people half your age WANT to hang out with you.

When flash and glitter guns just make your brain hurt.

When people spending money on marketing hype makes you sick.

When you wipe out the other team with a good move and people are amazed you can still do it.

When you feel an emotional attraction to a paintball product no one ever heard of.

When your older friends come to you to asking what "ownage" means.

When speedball was considered a stupid newbe game.

When pros used 12 grams and everyone else used con-air (and they were proud of it).

When being seen on the playing field meant you sucked.

when your first paintgun, the one that looks like an M-16, is back in style.

If you know the origins of wearing a harness on your BACK....

A Rapide with a back-bottle adapter was "high tech", and a forty-round spindle loader would last me two games or more.

Leaving the tails on your Whippersnapper zip-ties for that "insect" look was considered cool .

Loaders were still made with PVC and spray-paint.

There was no such thing as a paintball store. You bought old military gear from an Army Surplus, or new hunting gear- like shotgun shell belts and camo gloves- from a sporting goods store.

One ten-ounce thermo-valved "California air" fill would last you three weekends, maybe four if you went easy on the autotrigger.

if you know what a CAM Tank is, and what the acronym means.

if you know who "Wore their paint upside-down".

if you know the original name of the field that is now EMR. and also know SC Village used to be called Sat Cong Village, in those pre-Politically-Correct days.

if you remember paintball before the Automag, and recall when Bud's gun was called the Sniper Auto Cocker.

if you remember when guns like the Automag were advertised as " true semi-auto" to differentiate them from the double-action guns that called themselves 'semiauto'.

if you remember when you could buy real, machined-aluminum slip-on silencers, and that was the hot, trick, top-of-the-line mod for your longbarrel Sheridan.

back when tech articles were along the lines of "how to cut a filed strip slot in your 007" and seing something about a military compund that was a lot like todays scenarios - role playing from the moment you drove up.

When you go to chrono your gun and the field owner screams: "Is that an antique?" and he's both ignorant and excited that it just might be....

You still think that "Crazy black" is the coolest splash around!

You wore RENEGADE jerseys and mask-camouflage.

Having to split the guy with the VM-68 and the Tippmann 68 Special up because together they had too much firepower...

100 shots lasting 5-6 games...

Those 100 rounds costing $20... know what a 3357 crosman sounds like and know you can get real close before they'll break on you
.....remember when any mention of hit or dead on a Lively Master field would get you pulled
.....remember buying RPS paint in 60 rd econotubes were there when Keith laid Jim out with a 20 oz tank and who I'm talking about
.....the videos of Adam Gardner's "game" or lack of it at Tahoe and Nashville
.....Bob McGuire had a TV show on paintball and what time it came on
.....what the Hardcore mod was and what team did them
.....that tiger stripe products used to sponsor the ironmen and Bob Long does look like landscaping in them

When the first time you EVER saw a chrono a player brought it to the field and everyone gathered around in interest to see what the heck it was - the only person not in the crowd or curious was the field owner who was too busy grilling hotdogs for sale.

Cleaning up the field at the end of the day ment picking up thousands of 12 grams and 10rnd tubes.

Paint was sold 1 10rnd tube for a $1.

Velocity was adjusted on a majority of markers using washers or cut springs.

Your pocket was the ideal storage area for extra tubes and 12 grams.

PB gear came in Camo and Black only.

When paint was sold by the ball, not by the bag.

I can't help but toss in a few...

Barrels didn't have threads, slots, or ports and everything was pressure fit...

There was no aluminum everything was brass and steel...

You had every intention of having to use the splatmaster holsterd on your hip...and still get laughed at for wearing it during a game.

You've won a game without a shot with a flag pull and a good crawl and sprint...

You've ruined countless surplus camo bandana's by shredding them and hanging off of hoppers and goggles.

Everyone had a secert way to keep their goggles from fogging up other than a double lens...

Played half a game without paint and still won...

Knew how to save paint by scaring the new kids by turning your gun on the side and shooting air when you made your move.

Speedball was just a fad and a waste of paint...

Only time someone needed to charge is if they left their car lights on...

Air was for the guns not the bunkers...

There wasn't a term "Wal-Mart Warrior"

Nobody knew what BPS ment? It should of been SPB!

You were a Bad A** if your hopper had a batery not your gun...

Half a hopper was plenty... half a 100rd hopper was plenty...

when a "cool" upgrade to your bushy was a new trigger shoe

when a bushy was a PUMP gun and not a 30bps e-gun

when a high-end, superfast gun was one where you could hold the trigger back while pumping it.

You remember the tri-color VM-68 back when it was orginally called a PMI 3.

Played with a rented Splatmaster.

You remember when the PGP went from being made with the brown grip handles to the black grips with the new ribbed (not knurled) pump grip.

Trying to find a guy that could solder to brass well and convert your PMI to CA.

Sewing 12-gram wrist packs to your green BDU's so you could carry an extra 5 powerlets.

Playing at Fields of Fire with Dave Youngblood in his silver suit.

the must have upgrades for Phantoms included anti-kink bolts, lightened hammers, hardened sears and LAPCO power stems...oh and of course power stems in different sizes, this of course was with the one piece barrel and reciever not the fancy removable one you can get now.

the wierd cam on the pump rod of a sniper that allowed...slam firing

You read the "Team Navarone" article in APG and dreamed about the lifestyle of sports cars, boats, and a team weight room.

You easily found the newest APG on the magazine rack by looking for the scantily-clad cover model. (usually in a bikini, or micro shorts & tube top.... all in woodland camo of course).

You worried about PB being banned in New Jersey because if it happened there, it could happen where you live.

You knew by sight or name, all the "Lords Of Discipline".

You laughed your butt off at the new "JT Racing" jerseys.

APG covered PB & LAZERTAG.

The only color pages in APG were gun ads, and those were few and far between.

The "Poison" ad was thumb-tacked to your bedroom wall.

Barrel extenders were "must-haves".

Beards were a must so as not to give away your position.

You refused to go remote because you liked the feel of the tank in your shoulder, but you still had just as much hose running from the bottom-line\back-bottle to the AIR Valve.

Knurled Aluminum barrel plugs. and being the firt guy to buy one from the local store.

And if you remember all the other expirements we tried. Socks. Tube socks, I mean. Like what you wear on your feet. A lot of fields required socks.

Old school : You ever hated the SP Splash kits, becasue the barrel, gadget grip, and barrel plug were all MATCHED splash annoed.

You ever saw, or owned, the original barrel sock device, made by a small indi company who only was into it for a year.

You actually use the safety on your e-gun grip.

If you've ever taken o-rings off your barel plug becasue the freakin' thing REFUSED To fit with that .70 ring on there!

If you've ever looked at the LAPCO barrel plug and thought to yourself "No, it couldn't be..."

You purchased bulk 8 packs of elbows in the hope you could find one that approximately fit your ammo box and feed neck without too much extra electrical tape.

Brass Eagle wasn't the punchline of a joke.

You subscribed to APG as a color catalog of mail order merchandise since the World Wide Web hadn't been invented yet.

You and your teammates personally debunked all the Autococker / Automag myths yourselves ten years ago, much to the protest of the guy with the PMI-3 and the other with his F1 Illustrator, who insisted their guns rocked too.

The Ironmen playing a woods tournamet with PPS Hurricanes, sprinting through the woods.

The NJ Devil Dogs playing speedball in thier "Realtree" jerseys with player numbers on the back.

Jerry Braun standing on a box while filming the 1995 "World Cup" for ESPN.

Any photo of Youngblood in camo from his early days, pre suits.

haveing a splatmaster and thinking you weres hooked up. mostly used slingshots and shop goggles. thinking people with masks were wimps. And 100 paintballs was enough for a day.

-You've walked around after a game to find your SMG-60 stripper clips

-When the guy with the Crossman revolver had to be close enough to touch you if his .50 caliber paintball was going to hit you

-You've been shot to the forehead, cheek and ear while wearing U-Vex goggles

-You were hit in the arm or leg, but were only "wounded"

-You've seen an SMG shoot through/into objects and people

-You were wowed by a huge PVC silencer with camo

-You had a guy on your team who was known for climbing up trees

-You referred to a Nelspot 007's as a "Nelly"

-You bought a plastic stock for your PMI Long Barrel

-You thought that the Sheridan pump rifle shot farther than any other gun (first shot was guaranteed to role out of the barrel with approximatley eight more before it was time to change the CO2)

-Bunkers referred to as "Pill Boxes"

-You played 10 on 10 for four hours and did not get shot or see another player

-You were arrested for playing rec ball in the local forest preserve, park, industrial park, etc.

-You thought about setting trip-wires or booby traps

-You dreamed about playing Wolf's Lair

-You carried a bolt action pistol as a sidearm

-you went to the world cup to watch the games and you only saw 7 players playing in 15 games...and you thought that was so cool.

-you have pics of Marty Bush with a sniper 2

-you remember the first add for the shocker and thought "naw, it'll never do good"

-You've ever just given up and burned your clothes from the day....and only lost $3 in the venture(hell, even I remember turpentine parties)

-Proball wasn't called probounce

-Speedball was to paintball what monster trucks were to the autosports industry.

-Bob Long=Super Mulletine Action

-You know what Phyllis Long looks like

-You bet your friends that you could empty your ammo box in less than a minute....and even though you tried real hard, lost.

-You're familar with "Ping Pong" and "Pinball" (No one has said either of those to me in years)

-You remember Keely Watson when she wore Renegade stuff and didn't have a drivers license.

-You check Durty Dans website for updates

-You thought about making down payments on a Cyber 9000.

-You have a permenant scar in the webbing of your thumb from the quickchange on your PGP.

-You told everyone at the field without the internet or a subscription to APG to keep a lookout for a semi-auto named Chamile.....and you still look.

- You still play on a team that started in 1981 and then it was called RT Tham Sat! WOOOO Wild Geese

- You can recall that the real wild geese's last hurrah was against NH Wild Geese and the game was called becasue a team mate of mine severly sprained his back.

- When you were raised in the game of paintball from birth and later joined up with your father on the same team!

- When " sluggo " doesnt mean an AGD product

- When you get all antsy when your shop gets a PMI-1 in for repair over a Dm4

- When you take apart the PMI-1 first

- When WGP Ranger didnt mean a crappy Espyder clone

- When you can remember that the first spyder was spelled spider and was an inline blowback semi.

- When you can recall the adds for the gun that was the fist spyder clone called the Asco Mander and still not giggle.

- When HI-Tech meant VM-68

- When Low-Tech meant Splatmaster.

- When you can with out shame say yes... I did coil a remote line around and around my mag so I can use it in the winter.

- When you long for your Vent Predator

- When you can recall that brass eagle was once a very very good gun

- When APG had " Wild Women of the Caribian! "

- When you can say... Line SI... That was some good stuff!

Ya know how to imitate the sound of a 12gram emptying.

You ever got anyone out using the above trick.

When you've been around long enough to remember how TK looked on a 1991 Videotape describing the automag, and thought to yourself... "oh good, it wasn't just me with that hairstyle..."

When told that a fellow baller has a Piranha, you affectionately recall how great a marker it was, then ask if they've got the short barrel or long barrel version, not understanding that they're actually talking about a semi-auto.

On the same note, you and your teammates owned all tournaments you entered with your Piranhas in tow.

The choicest manufacturers were Benjamin Sheridan, Tippman, Carter, and 'other'.

The only way to get a marker in your favorite color was to buy a Reb-Line.

You owned one pair of goggles, one marker, and everything else pb related was made by Indian Creek and purchased through National Paintball Supply.

You increased the rate of fire on your auto triggered pump using rubber bands, springs, and washers.

Cleaning the barrel meant turning the marker upside down and dry-firing, one pull of the squeegee, and you were good to go. No need to disassemble to 200 finely-tuned component parts.

Field strip screws were the hottest upgrade.

The world cup was held at survival ny

Part of the experieince you looked forward to was the march out ot the field.

There was no chrono, no velocity adjust either.

You remember you hated playing in the cold because the bolt on the Sheriden pistol would not turn when it got cold in proximity to opposing players.

You have cigar and CO2 tubes in your spares still.

You still have a CO2 bottle with a knob but its out of date.

You remember your pb buddy getting hit in the lip and a thumb growing there from it.

When teams divided by VM-68, gz-200 and splatmaster rapide, trracers (2 r's), pgp's and slingshots.

Those Uvex goggles with the U-shped middle

the whole head Gog's

looking in shocked amazement at the ROF out of the 1992 autococker.


Razorback 3 was the pump to have! With a 7 ounce CO2 tank

If you know what the Gotchya was

If someone at your field shows up with an a4 and everyone crowds around him, you are too busy admiring your pgp

If the field owner ever comes over to you to fondle the guns of "his" days

You remember when Brass Eagle wasn't a s****y company

If People ever ask if you want to borrow some pods when they see your 10 rds

You know that a 10 round tube holds exactly as much liquid as a shot glass

If you own the old leather holsters that the old top tube pg's came in

If you've resulted in smoking cigars to find a different source of 10 rd tubes

If you consider the Splatmaster a decent beginers gun

If you know the name of the first marking pistol "not 007"

You remember when people didn't care if they installed their direct feeds in the opposite direction

If you remember how the six pack blazed the way for constant air

If you know what a duck is

Whenever you use your trusty kp rifle, people think that you accidently brought your rifle to the field

If you have ever woken up to find your pump's barrel on your nipple

Remember when Bob Long was the king of aftermarket cockers

Glenn Palmer actually ADVERTISED

Having to explain that "Rock and Cock" isnt the dirtest thing ever said in paintball to a group of beavis and butthead laughing kids

forgetting the "first shot low second shot will go through the guy" while on the field...

Splitting 200 balls and 4 co2's with your buddy because you were only going to play a few hours.

Colored Splatmasters via a can of spray paint.

Fixing a leaky quick change 12 gram by jamming a twig between the cap and the end of the powerlet.

You're old school if you remember when the colored VL2000's started showing up at the field. "How the heck are you going to hide with that purple thing on your gun?"

if you remember paying $90 for a case of Stinger (RP seconds) and thinking it was one heck of a deal. Also, knowing that case would last you and your 2 best friends at least a month.

only one guy at the field shot nitrogen, and he brought his own bulk tank to the staging area every week.

you still long for the throat protection the Vents Predator gave you (and that cool clip on the goggle strap).

fields so big you could see the opposing team, but having a 20 minute walk until they're within range

when a 2500 round case of Nelson Red paintballs went from $125 to $119 and you were wild with joy.

remember checking my chrono speed by how much bark flew off of the tree I was shooting at.

Have a first edition "Complete Guide to Paintball"

A Bushmaster started out as a pump gun.

First time I got lit up hard was done by an SMG-60

Have held and shot a Desert Duck (Terry Garrett's)

Have held and shot a LAPCO Grey Ghost (Terry Garrett's)

You know who Terry Garrett is and wonder what he's like in person (Exactly as he comes across online...very, very intelligent and VERY dry sense of humor)

Actually know of and look forward to meeting Steve Davidson. (met him last year...I think he's a little bemused that I'm such a fanboy)

The field you first played at is out of business, and has been for several years.

Get called a 'hoser' when you go through 20 balls in an hour

Wonder what's gone wrong with the universe when your Adrenalin Angel is scoffed at and called "old school".

Remember being intimidated when going up against a player with a L7 'mag. (still intimidated, too...dunno why)

Gotten into arguments on RSP

Making your own auto-trigger set-up

Having time to actually have little insects fly into your mouth while silently waiting for the opponent

Chilling your CO2 bottle until snow came out of it in order to get a better fill on your 7oz (and nobody though that was unsafe)

Having the burst disc of your seven ounce explode in a hot day (that was considered funny not dangerous)

Shooting my first gun (PMI Piranha Pump) over the chrono and getting 366 fps.

Being allowed on the field with this gun because it had no velocity adjustment so that was it.

Seeing a black and white picture of the All Americans on APG sporting their Phantoms with some weird little holes driled on their barrels.

Noticing there was a pretty beatiful blonde playing for the All A's

Building a PVC silencer for your PMI-III

Visiting Bad Boyz Toyz and seeing a lens from a JT sunglass that was shot by a 12 gauge shotgun on display on top of the counter.

Getting shot in the lip because your shop goggles didn't quite cover your face...

Getting shot in the lip because your woodstock mask didn't quite cover your face...

Scaring the hell out of people on the field because you owned not one but TWO Rapides...

Modifying your Splatmaster to hold a 40 round loader...

Using the 10 ball tube on your Nelspot 007 as a loader...

Paying $5.00 for ten rounds of paint...

Having those 10 rounds last an hour...

Your only choices in "jersies" was camo and camo...

Remembering thinking it was cool to wear combat boots to play paintball...

Knowing that a Nightmare was just that, a nightmare...

Playing in tournaments where they had a system in place that made it hard to cheat...

Remembering the day that CO2 came in something more than a "cartridge"...

Remembering the big deal over "Semi-Auto" and how it would "ruin paintball"...

Remembering when Bad Company played in camo...

Remembering when bunkers started using air...

"Double Disking"

-Or pop cans, pennys, or whatever else we were told we could put in there.

that cool Baracuda ad where the guy is crossing a river with water up to his chest

1. Being the first player at Skirmish USA to own his very own gun...PGP..the NEW model PGP, complete with ten (10) round magazine tube AND pump
2. Playing with an UZI mark I and thinking it was pretty damn cool cause it had an integrated magazine that could hold 43 rounds
3. Experiencing first hand one of the initial techno-cheats in the game: shimming your nelspot or pgp main spring with washers...
4. Being on hand at the Bushmaster introduction frenzy - and thinking that pretty soon paintball guns would all just look like tubes (oh, sorry newbies - that's the Line SI (pre 1990) Sigma Machine PUMP action Bushmaster)
5. Introducing the Gray Ghost to the East Coast and making players run away from the 'machine gun'
6. Lobbying for and receiving a scoreboard at tournaments where EVERYONE could check scores - not just the tournament promoter and his pet team
7. Lobbying for and receiving a formula (actually introducing the formula, but I'm so used to not getting credit these days I almost forgot it was me...) for game scheduling (far better than the old system of being able to change your team name in order to change your draw)
8. Being called 'crazy' for carrying 120 rounds onto the field for one game
9. Spending an entire tournament season beating up on semi-auto teams with pump guns
10. Switching from pump to PMI-IIIs, because they were the only semi with decent range........
11. Arguing with Tom Kaye about the introduction of nitrogen at the PaintCheck 5 Man - out of a sense of concern for safety (lost that one)
12. Arguing with California teams against the introduction of CA (constant air) at tournaments (won THAT one for three years...)
13. Managing to talk the field owner DOWN to $150 per case of paint so the home team could practice more
14. captaining one of the first teams to ever play against an all-female team at a national event - and winning it (Lady Tree Dancers)
15. Arguing the merits of feminist dialectic with (losing) female team who contended that since they were women, doing 'well' was just as good as 'winning' (think I won that one with the counter argument that in paintball, winning counts and losers go home - regardless of their sexual affiliations)
16. Captaining a team that lost one of the first games ever to an all-female team (pump game, am open)
17. manufactuing some of the first stick-feeds ever, the morning before a national tournament
18. championing the tactical concept that no one needed to be left back to 'defend the flag station' and helping to establish the concept of 'run-n-gun'
19. almost being arrested for 'looking like rambo'
20. dismantling my patch jacket when patches were no longer the 'cool' alternate activity at tournaments
(after having paid nearly 200 bucks to have a seamstress sew them on...)
21. best old skool story? averaging 25 to 50 eliminations and surrenders per GAME, and having so many game flags that Skirmish USA offered me free play and paint if I would bring some of them back.......plastic oil bottles made into hoppers
nelson clones as opposed to today's spyder clones
capture the flag when people acutally tried to return the flag before the opposition was eliminated
shotgun shell holders worked for 10-round tubes and 12 grams
thermo valves
buying my first bulk co2 tank and painting it pink
hacking off the top tube of my PMI II and making my own gravity feed with pvc and brass tubing from the hardware store
actually buying gear at a store, not over the internet
buying a "tightbore" barrel

You're old school if you've got a TIP number (or you know what a TIP number is). Mine's 1550

If you still use twist-lock barrels

If you used WARPIG back when it was called

You bought paint from a guy named Birdsong in metal tubes for 2 bucks a hit. His apartment was covered in vietnam era war banners saying things like "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out."
Birdsong is STILL reffing at Combat Zone and will nail you with a litany of "true" war stories involving snipers, Marines,Navy SEALS, Ruby Ridge, Indians, Horses, and living outdoors in the middle of L.A.

You played Store Wars in Napa. 400 against 400. You are REALLY dirt if you were on the store owners team in the bunker holding off 700 bloodthirsty numbskulls intent on your death.

You have shot Camille.

You were watching Glenn put the ram in the prototype Blazer, not even annoed yet.

You have invited the entire "Palmer's Factory Team" (Dogs of War) to play at your "homefield" (The River Bottoms)...And they came. And how everyone that heard about it and owned a paintball gun showed up to paste them.

You have drank Separators the night beforea game that you camped out at, and know what a Separator is.

You know how to stalk, and your team had a "Pointman".

You mixed Super Shell with Gator-ball. Super to cut the branches,Gator for the black shell and easy to see green paint.

The feeling you are going to pee on yourself walking down a path, seeing nobody, knowing they are there, about to get totally thrashed by hot guns, and knowing it's the best feeling there is.

quick silver 12-gram changers....ratattack 12-gram changers;

WITH check valves in them - and if you are old skool, you know check valves in changers were illegal gear

old skool - watching a kid take apart a ninja nightmare and having everyone within eyeshot say 'now you know why they named it the nightmare'

you are if you remember Medallion Custom Emblems...and even more so if you know why they went out of business.

which reminds me - old paintball company time:

Command Post (belly up and leaving lots of debt behind)
T.A.G. Supply (The Action Game - short lived distributor)
Ultimate Game (another distributor biting the dust)

Can we say A.G.S.? Adventure Game Supplies, which during a partner brawl morphed into A.G.S. and....? anyone?

T.A.S.O. - that's right.

Granddaddy of them all - National Survival Game Inc. They had a similar problem to Medallion's, which led to the loss of a lot of early game history.....

Anyone ever put a down-payment on a Destroyer?

How about an I.C.S. vest? (You could recognize a player of questionable virtue just by the presence of an ICS combat vest combined with Thunderwear fingerless gloves - greatest wiping combo ever invented for the game...)

you were playing before most of the kids at your local field were even born

still use the BOA snakebite to this day...BOA is the WAY

You took a hacksaw to a Nightmare to make it direct feed.

You upgraded from stick feed to a hopper made from an oil can.

You owned a hopper that had "magic fish lips."

You know who BLuR and Dave McCarty are

why thye're called a "Whaler" and a "Guppy". Guppys feed the Whaler, you see....

if your 'mag has the Bortex mod

A 200 round box of Cal Mag lasted you 3 weeks of play, even with target shooting before a game.
Or you played like this *pump shoot pump shoot shake shake pump shoot shake pump shoot*

-If you can remember Long Island and paintball Pre-cousins.... ahhh heaven.

-If you can remember taking the day off from school to go hang out with Tyger and the rest of the guys when they made the book they wrote.... ( I still giggle about the girls that were there tyger who the heck were they again? )

-When you can answer this question " Who had a big chrome duel tanked BIG assed regged silenced 2 foot long barreled pump gun "
dave youngblood

-When said person still worked for JT

-When you dont cringe about gassing up a rusty very worn out pump gun , but cringe when gassing up a shocker.

-When you still get the willy's for using a WGP pump changer

-When you can recall that used KP'2 were like todays used spyders

-When you had this scenario...... Trick out , mill up , completely rework a VM68 then add nitro.... and the spyders came out?

-When Earon Carter will give you his direct line at dye
( NO!!! Nobody can have it! )

- When sniper came from the factory in a few ways ( this is in the mid 90's ) Sniper 2 , Sniper 3 , Sniper SC? They never made it but it was an option...

-When you can recall wacking a splatmaster into your head to cock it...and still can do it and not get hurt.

-When you can say you had a beer or food at a Wild Geese Camp out any where.... PBLI , West Point , SNY

When you got lost looking for the other team.
When you left 2 guys back at the flag base to guard flag.
You call it base instead of station.
When eliminations were kills(damn pc world)

If you remember the breech-drop vs. bore drop debate...

If you know where the ICS logo originally came from...

If you know what Kieth Idema ( owner of ICS ) did and why ICS went away..... and as a side note.. that he is a Combat analist for Fox: Fair and Ballenced

When you remember the game Gotcha for the Nintendo was the coolest nintendo game out

When the movie Gotcha!, starring Anthony Edwards, inspired your love of paintball.

When you've been playing long enough to remember making the decision not to switch to a semi-auto, and don't regret it to this day

If you remember the first batch of hotshot paintballs with shell so thick that you could use them to cut through brush.

If you remember using the little cardboard box that Cal-Mags came in for a tool box.

When all you needed to maintain your guns could fit into a little cardboard box.

You played your first tournament with a walk on team and you had the "best gun"...a Line SI Bushmaster DLX with the Oilcan hopper.

You played the NH Wild Geese during that tournament and got waffle stomped!

You paid $70-80 for a 20 oz C02 tank.

You went to the first World Cup at Survival, NY and all the vendors fit under one tent!

You fired the proto PMI-3 and 68 Specials at that event.

Speedball was a side event for all the teams who didn't make the cut for the Semi-final round!

You reffed the speedball!

Your team wouldn't play the team "across town" because they used CA.

They made fun of your team for still using 12 grams.

You saw the price tag on the first Automag and said, "I'll never pay that much for a gun!"

Putting a 10rnd tube in backwards in the front of your 007 made the paint feed faster, eliminating the "rock and cock".

You desperately wanted a "speed wheel" for your 007.

"The longer the barrel...the more accurate"

Jessica Sparks was a Lawyer who played paintball, not a paintball-playing Lawyer

When there is no longer a company to call, only a few techies

-Newest gun on the field was a Puma pistol.

-You lost your gravity feed when it hit a tree as you rushed a pill box.

-You watched teamates sprawled out on the fied with every tool known to man trying to get their Budd Orr Pump to work in the middle of a game.

-You sent your SMG to Tippman for the 68 cal conversion.

how about strange ordanace m69 paint greanades
mmmmm sketchy friction wicks (never trust that they were an 8 sec burn)

buying my first sheridan from pmi out of the back of popular mechanics

paying 427.90 for my first semi (a pnumatic design storm)

being shot in the ear with red on red calmag
shell, paint, BLOOD!

choosing between the jt whipper and the cool looking space helmet mask

choosing the whipper and ending up getting shot in the ear by red on red calmag

having the living crap scared out of me the first time I went on the field against mags

wearing tiger stripes
making fun of teams for wearing renagade "cammie jamies", or those LOUD colored jt jerseys

when you can say you've had to run out of cover to retrieve the barrel you just shot off of your gun

a small piece of emery board taped to the upper surface of your barrel for backspin

a small piece of razorblade projecting through a slot in the from of the barrel to nick the ball when it left

washers behind the main spring

electric socks to keep your 12 grams warm

cottonballs shoved down the barrel and shot out to clean a ball break



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