2K Palmerized E-Cocker

This was technically my very first paintball gun.

Over the years I've added and taken off parts for this gun and changed it so many times that this is the final incarnation...probably.

It has...
Palmers Ultralight Body
Planet Eclipse E-2 Frame w/ Microswitch Mod (soon to be Tadao)
PBX MQ-2 Electronic Valve (formerly PPS LT Valve w/ Madmann Springs)
PPS Nickel Ball Detent
PPS Male Inline Stabilizer
PPS 0 - 600 PSI Mini Guage
PPS Classic Brass Micro Rock (one of a kind)
PPS Stainless Rock Knob
PPS Quicker Ram (gen 1)
Eclipse E-2 Solenoid
Shocktech SupaFly Delrin Bolt
Docs Machine Twisted Cocking Rod
Docs Machine Flat Top Front Block Bolt
Extreme Rage RVA
KAPP Front Block
KAPP Pull Pin
KAPP 15° Vertical ASA
KAPP Beavertail
CP '03 Style Rail
CP '03 Style On/Off ASA
CCM Clamping Feedneck
CCM Milled "Lucky # 7" Dice Air Fitting Elbows
Dye 2 Piece Boomstick w/ PPS Wedgits
Stock 2K Back Block

This gun will, needless to say, never be sold...as I would never get back 1/4 of the cash nor time I've put into building it.