The Cigar Page

The cigars I have in the humidor were bought and given to me from many different places. A lot came from The Briar Patch here in Sacramento, some came from Cigars International and Thompson Cigars online, some came from friends, and others from the guy I got the humidor from. Some are cubans, some are high end Davidoff, Zino, and Strativarius, others are Acid and Natural from Drew Estate and pretty much everything in between. Lots of good smoke.

Outside front of humidor.

Tray 1 of humidor.

Tray 2 of humidor.

Bottom of humidor.

Current Boxes on hand:

Strativarius Red Label 1/5000
CAO Brasil v. Italia 1/2000
Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur
El Rey Del Mundo
Santiago RG Dominical