My Briar Pipe Collection

Dunhill Bent Acorn w/ 3mm Rose Gold Band

Chris Brunswell(?) Vase w/ Brass Fitted Bit
Pic 2 - Pic 3

Marxman Poker Pipe w/ 14k Rose Gold Band (circa 1950)

Dragons Claw Meerschaum w/ Acrylic Stem

Nording Double Wax Drip Poker w/ Alternate Churchwarden Stem

Don Carlos Rusticated Extra Long Canadian

Bjarne Rough Top Sitter Churchwarden

Dunhill Shell Finish Churchwarden w/ Cumberland Stem

Aromatic Tobaccos
Virginia and English Tobaccos
Premium Aromatic Best Of Show
Premium Aromatic Captain Cool
Premium Aromatic Pal O' Mine
Rattray's Bagpipers Dream
Ashton Guilty Pleasure
W.O. Larsen Signature
Cornell & Diehl Inc #838 Milk & Honey
Black Velvet
Black Raspberry
Very Cherry
Sweet Strawberry
Davidoff Danish Mixture
McClelland Dark Star
Rattray's Terry Red
W.O. Larsen 1864
MacBaren Mature Virginia
Black Mallory
Kingfisher Burly & Perique
Penzance Mottled Flake