Random link dump

Here you will find all the random links that have been up in the past and subsequently removed to make room for newer ones. Any links that are dead that you find please e-mail me at Viper84@jps.net so I can remove them from this page.

Removed 9/29/08
Windows 98
- An audio clip created entirely from sounds found in Windows 98.
500k Switch - A 500,000 volt power switch at a power relay station.
Good Eats - Alton Brown's show from food network on how to home brew beer.
RvB Vote - Halo's Red vs Blue cast in a Rock The Vote PSA.
Enjoy: Paintball - Animated simulation of playing paintball...funny.
Phelps...yea - YTMND of Michael Phelps.

Removed 10/3/08
Onion News Network - The 30th Annual Ninja Parade.
Comic 1 / Comic 2 - 2 of the MOST AWESOME Sinfest comics I've seen in a while. YAY OBAMA!
John McWar - Movie about John McCain.
WD-40 - Smashing a WD-40 can...flames ensue.
Drummer - One of the most entertaining drummers I've seen yet.
Onion News Network - The Supreme Court upholding the death penalty.

Removed 10/14/08
Handlebar Moustache Club - based in the UK...great gallery section.
.50cal Sniper Riccochet - I wouldn't want to be in his shoes...new pants anyone?
Glowing Mt. Dew - How to do a simple home experiment and make Mt. Dew glow.
Paintball Sentry - A briefcase with an Ion and a laptop and some servos...neat.
Worst dive ever! - Snake player...you'll see...
Flintstones - Haloween is coming up, better get your costumes!
Tiger Woods - The EA ad that was a resuly of the glitch in the Tiger Woods '09 game...
Handlebar Moustache Tee - awesome t-shirt design, heh.

Removed 10/27/08
Ghost Car - Car makes a clean getaway.
Not Giving a Fuck! - Not to be confused with, not giving a shit!
.60 Cal Handgun 1 - The first guy who tries to shoot this.
.60 Cal Handgun 2 - Oddly enough, there's another one who tries...
WoW Fail - Yea...that's a HUGE fail in my book.
Samwell: what what - the original film...
Winchester SX3 - Demonstration video of the SX3
Worlds Smallest - The worlds tiniest handguns...made in Switzerland I believe.

Removed 11/20/08
Wrecked Exotics - Just imagine, all the money lost here...
Paintball Kool-Aid Test - How to tell if your paint has oil in it. Oily paint stains clothes and bunkers.
Shipment of Fail - website with a bunch of "Fail" style photos.
Code Monkey - By Johnathan Coulton
Safe For Work Porn - self explanatory...
Strongest Gun - in the world...
Fail Blog - another site with "Fail" pictures
G. Armento - Graphic designer, photographer, and artist

Removed 12/12/08
Passing the beat - My buddy Jesse in Berkely making a video for his comedy show.
Epic GH3 Drums - Guy made a drum set for Guitar Hero 3 and plays Dragonforce.
New Cure - A new cure for wrinkles...you gotta read for yourself.
Old people - lol
Humans - Earth has a case of the humans!
legs - three legged legs, neat animations and contracted ads.
Who did more damage? - to the environment than anyone else...
MILK - the best desk ever...
Petra, Jordan - lost city of Petra...so awesome, you may recognize it from Indiana Jones.

Removed 2/7/09
Biking in the woods - awesome helmet cam footage from a mountain biker.
CarrotMob - Group focused on eneergy conservation and green living, great demonstration.
Landslide - dont know if it was natural or man made...
custom garage - what else would you use if you owned that many Lambos...?
Kome Loy '06 - i dont know what it is, but it looks awesome!
Meh - the word 'Meh' is now in the dictionary.
Mythbusters - Nvidia paintball demonstration done by the Mythbusters.
Golden Shellback - Waterproofing for electronics, amazing results.

Removed 2/19/09
Jake "Fall Down" - X-Games skateboarder biffs it bad.
Rubiks Cube - Completed in 6.57 seconds.
Bohemian Fail - Gotta love those car safety features.
The Front Fell Off - Shipping accident, typical politician...amazing.
Mountain Dew Wallpaper - If you're a fan of Dew...
Creepy Beaches - 5 creepy sculptures on world beaches.
Portal Bar - Drinks based on the award winning game Portal.
Photoshop Custom Shapes - Great resource if you use PS.

Removed 3/11/09
Cubestan Watch - Awesome one of a kind watch.
Texting - On a moving motorcycle...
Matrix - This is the Matrix...this is the Matrix on Windows...any questions?
Invisibility - Blending in with your surroundings using paint.
Immortal? - The world's only immortal animal, recently discovered.
Beds - The most awesome beds designed.
Snow Vehicle - A concept vehicle from 1924 to glide on snow.
Wanted: L4D - Craigslist ads for Left 4 Dead after the Valentines Day Xbox All Nighter.

Removed 3/26/09
Pronto Condoms - Fastest condoms available, made in S.Africa
Western Spaghetti - Stop animation of making non-conventional spaghetti...
Head Helicopter - It's a personal helicopter that is mounted above your head.
Ken Block Racing - Awesome racing video.
Ultimate Collection - Funny, painful, and wierd vids from around the net...30mins
Unusual Couches - Some of the most interesting designs for a couch.
Business Cards - Unique business card designs.
This is Why You're Fat - awesome food...page 3...MUST SEE.

Removed 4/2/09
XP CD Key - How to find it on your system.
Life After People - what would the world be like when we're all gone?
Urban Camo - how to disguize yourself in an urban environment.
Lematoes! - Lemon Tomatoes...and other genetically engineered stuff.
D30 Gel - Shock absorbing gel!
Ruben's Tube - musical flames...would love to make one!
Xtreme Sheeping - gotta see for yourself...
Weezer: Pork & Beans - Weezer's music video from the Red Album

Removed 4/11/09
Street Fighter 4 - The English move translation...amazing.
BAD Printer - Everyone's been there...why do printers never work?
O'Clock - Artwork using 500 seperate clocks
LOL Penguin - He deserved it...
Preikestolen - Beautiful geologic area
Wine Cellar - The most awesome wine cellar design ever
Obsitian SG1 - Custom retro Mustang
Ultimate Lego Ship - Floating aircraft carrier made out of lego's

Removed 5/18/09
TicTac Orchestra - A guy makes music, with a bunch of TicTacs...
Hang Drum - A neat drum design for those into alternarive music.
Fireballs - how to make fireballs that you can hold onto.
Cooking by the Book - Parody of Lazy Town.
Drawball - Pick a spot on the ball, and start drawing, addicting.
Best of Trigger Happy - Social experiments, hilareous.
Water Spheres - Neat science trick, making water balls.
Everything's Amazing - You guys dont realize how amazing the world really is...