12 Grams On Snipers

Pilzbury wrote on 01-15-2005 04:36 PM:
sweet markers. I noticed you have 12 grams on your sniper 2s. How many shots do you get per 12 gram? Did you have to modify your gun in anyway to use 12 grams? Thanks for your help.



i do use 12 grams a lot on my guns, i cant stand using a pump gun with a hopper...it just seems wrong somehow...lol

the snipers i have are all so old that the valving is still made such that 12 grams and/or constant air systems work fine with them, i get the usual 20 or so shots of most of them, the sniper 1 gets better efficiency than most and the #9226 gerts pretty good as well, the #3757, and mini cocker prefer either a 4-oz or CA tank...the mini just doesnt have enough air flow for a 12 gram...

the #8346 gun i have, which isnt listed cause i dont have pics yet gets mid range efficiency as well, it likes 12 grams more than #3757 does.

snipers can be tuned to be 12 gram efficicent, brad nestle and big matt i think were telling me about delrin plugs you can add to the air chamber to lower the volume of air in the gun to get better efficiency, and other small things like that...however old guns still are the best i've found.

thanks for the inquary :-)

-Tim Firpo