Angel LED Questions

I was wondering a couple things about Angel LED's

1)They do not have eyes right?
2)Is there anything different in plain or eclipse or dark leds? Or just looks?
3)Are they usually single trigger? Or....
4)Do they have threaded feednecks?
5)What is the going price for a good condition one?
6)What kind do you reccomend?
7)What regs do they like?

That's is all i can really think of for now. Cya, and thanks!






Answers to your questions:

1) No, Angel LED's do not come stock with eyes...however TAG Sportz ( ) makers of the predator boards can install eyes with E-blade covers and a predator board in them for around $350.oo....nice looking mods, work great, full warantees

2) Not particularly, the stock Angel LED is the basic model with no milling...gloss black anno etc...the only difference between the stock LED, the Eclipse, Dark, Truth, Infinity, Stars n Stripes, the looks and a slight amount of weight reduction...nothing much too noticable however as its just small parts milled off, couple ounces at best.

3) Most LED's started out life as a single trigger gun, only Eclipse ever sold LED's stock with a double trigger...most however have been modified to use a double trigger by cutting the guard off of the old stock single trigger frame, removing the single trigger, installing a double trigger, and adding an aftermarket trigger guard that attaches to the crack pipe...most common are made by Eclipse or Dye

4) Yes, Angel LED's come with standard Angel threaded feednecks...which means you can take a feedneck off a brand new G7 Fly and it will screw right into the body of your LED if you so choose...Angel feednecks have stayed standard from the beginning...some LED's came with a straight neck which required a vertical elbow to put the hopper on...the ones like this came with a black plastic elbow, but sometimes were broke or lost...the tubes can be removed with a little force or maybe a strap wrench and replaced with a regular clamping feedneck.

5) Depends on what kind you're looking to get...the stock LED's generally cost less than the aftermarket ones like Eclipse and Dark...however they are all around the relative same ballpark. a good condition black stock LED should go for around $250 - $275 depending on what upgrades...good condition Eclipse LED's usually go for $300 - $350 depending on mods...others usually fall between those ranges of $200 - $350 for a gun + barrel + bottomline LED should sell for more than $400 or $450 unless its been Predatored with eyes or is a specifically rare piece like a Valkryie or early Team gun or one-off milled

6) I personally like the milling and the original slash anodizing on the the Eclipse angels, they also had nice parts and work really well...other than the milling and anno however the stock black LED's work perfectly well...i have two that shoot GREAT with all stock internals...they've been going great for a while now and i've never had any problems with them...

7) for the LED's the stock reg works pretty well...however if you want to upgrade i'd suggest a Palmer Stabilizer or a Shocktech Inline Regulator, i have 4 of my LED's running on Palmer Stabilizers and one left with the stock reg, all of them work great, and i've used Shocktech regs before and had great results. the new Evolve Pi regs are supposed to be really quite nice as well, but i havent had any experience with them. the only thing about the LED's is that when you want to put a new reg on with standard threads you have to change the crack pipe for one that in standard threads instead of the original thin metric ones...i can get pics to demonstrate the differences if you dont already know. you can usually find aftermaket crack pipes on E-bay or probably from still has loads of old LED parts to sell if i'm not mistaken

hope this helps ya :-D

have any more questions just ask and i'll help you as best i can

- Tim Firpo
- FirePro84