[quote=pummel u]Yep still interested. How do you feel this kit preforms against other insert kits? I have never messed with a kit. I have always felt as long as the barrel was machined well, and of good quality, preformance depended more so on your choice of paint. Would you agree or do kits vary greatly in preformance?[/quote]


Hey Pummel,

As far as barrel kit performance is concerned, there are several things i take into consideration. One is if you get a good machined barrel, it will always perform well as long as the insides are clean from paint/residue/condensation etc...that is of course if you always get the same paint consistently. However, if you dont consistently get the same paint having a kit is a good way to go to avoid having to adjust marker settings. Also a problem people run into when using only one bore sized barrel is if they happen to get paint that's too big for their bore chops and barrel breaks are much more likely to happen. on the opposite hand, if you have a very large bore barrel, while most paints will fit through it with no problem, if you get a batch of exceptionally small paint you will have to make marker adjustments to get the velocity high enough because the air is blowing by the ball...this also causes turbulence and inaccuracy as a side effect (when paint is shot the ball turns into an oblong football shape when the air hits it until it leaves the barrel, if it bounces around in the bore too much it will hook and curve more during its flight...noticed this when doing high speed camera tests with a glass barrel at Palmers). when the paint to bore match is good thats when the best results are met.

my personal preference as far as barrels are concerned vary slightly, currently in my kit i keep several barrels to use for different situations.

Dye Ultralight in .692 - i use this primarily as an open bolt gun barrel, it is well made and shoots very straight.
Dye Boomstick in .690 w/ wedgits - i use this for all my closed bolt guns and pumps, it prevents roll out especially if i get small paint for that day.
Dye Ultralight in .688 - use this on open bolt guns when i find smaller paint, also this one is pretty scratched up and gets loaned out often.
Stiffi Switch Kit - this is my primary barrel kit, the extreme light weight and full range of sizers give me options for any situation...just dont fall on it.

I also keep several other barrels handy i cant remember off the top of my head, and own upwards of 80 individual barrels and 4 or 5 kits due to the range of barrel threads i need and getting barrels with guns i've bought.

As far as the performance of the PowerLyte kit vs other kits on the market...the PL shoots just as good as many of the other more expensive kits, i would rank them like this:

tier1: Stiffi Kit / Ultralite Kit / CCM Kit / Sly Kit
tier2: CP Kit / PowerLyte Kit / New Style Bob Long kit / MacDev Kit
tier3: Deadly Wind kits / Planet Eclipse Kit / Evil Pipe Kit
tier4: Empire Revolver / SP Freak w/ Stainless inserts / Redz Kit / Hammerhead Kit
tier5: SP Freak w/ Aluminum inserts / etc...


I've shot all of these barrels at one point or another, and have owned most of them as well. The PL is nice and lightweight and well machined and decently accurate compared to most. I'd definately take it over some of the other kits i've experienced...

- Tim Firpo