CCI T-Stocks and Stocks On My Phantoms


The black phantom i have is using a standard block spacer...its about 3/4"
thick...attached to that is a 15° ASA fitting and screwed into that is a
Diamond Labs Gas-Thru T-stock...

I personally never use the gas-thru feature of these stocks, but i own quite
a few just so i can use them on pump guns...if you can find one for sale
they usually run about $15 - $30 depending where you get it from.  on my
urban camo VSC phantom the T-stock was made by CCI and fits the phantom .45
grip frame perfectly...if you're thinking of getting a stock for your
phantom i'd highly reccomend getting a CCI one...they are VERY nice and you
dont have to worry about spacers.

hope i got to all your questions :-)

- Tim Firpo
- FirePro84