CIP Box Gun Information

Hi ya Tim! Tell me about the Box Gun. It looks like a really sweet piece of craftsmanship. I'm curious as to the history and performance aspects.




Check It Box Gun

They're not nearly as rare as the Dave Loo or Earon Carter Desert Ducks, but are still a rare find. they were made to look like the ducks, but were all based on the same stock class pattern instead of being custom built to the buyers specifications with a left/right/stock class feed and screw in or slam changer for the 12g.

the Box Gun's are all stock class with the 12 gram in grip screw out changer, they use a phantom style feed gate, and a nelson valve and body style (you can notice on the sides the sliots in the body where the pump arm connects to the hammer). the closest thing you can get to re-creating one would be to get a DuckSlide kit from: which mods a phantom to be similar to these...though you still have the external air lines and the non-internal 12 gram changer.

The Box Guns and the new Redux is the closest things to getting a real duck at a cheaper cost...the TRUE ducks will sell for $1000+ easily, i was offered one of the slam change stock class Ducks for $1500 recently and had to turn it down for lack of funds.

The Check It Box Gun is very nice overall, they're about as accurate as a phantom and get about the same consistency and efficiency due to the similar valving (nelson based), the machining on them is very good, and they have a very smooth operation...

they are rare, but not super rare...collectors like to have one in the collection, but personally i think they're kinda ugly...

other than that, i know a nice lady on the east coast who could answer more questions on them as she owns both a Duck and a Box Gun...let me know and i can get her in contact with ya.

- Tim F.