Fastest Parts for a Mechanical Autococker

What's the fastest:
Trigger: Kapp reflex?
3 way: palmer quickswitch?
valve: ?
lpr: ?
ram: ?
bolt: ?



Trigger Frame: Kapp Reflex (hinge) Polished Benchmark (slider) depending on preference of course...

3/4 Way: PPS Quick Switch or (as much as i hate to say it) Shocktech Bomb...though the barbs on the ST are small and have inferior flow, the trigger throw is slightly shorter...

Valve: PPS LT Valve, Eclipse Super Charger valve...both equally good, also the AKA Tornado Valve is a good choice

LPR: PPS Micro Rock...all the way...

Ram: PPS Quicker Ram w/ 2nd QEV or Eclipse ram w/ QEV's

Bolt: ShockTech SuperFly, AKA Lightning Delrin, Slik Products, CCM...all good choices, the lightning is the heaviest and hardest to find, but it has the best flow and i've never had a problem with mine (i use them on almost all my guns...even the aluminum ones)

the fastest mech guns i have right now are my complete PPS cocker, and my Boston left feed twister with PPS parts, they both run all Palmer pneumatics, both have benchmark slider frames (though the PPS cocker used to have a KAPP hinge), both use AKA / Shocktech Bolts, and both have PPS valves in them...

the all black PPS cocker can't have QEV's on the ram because cycling at its full speed the bolt closes too fast for even a HaloB to feed it...yes, its that fast...i'd love to get a vert feed PPS body and try an e-blade on day...
-Tim Firpo