Grease on Cockers?

Can autocockers take grease like Slick Honey or should I use oil (mineral or synthetic)? What do you use? And why? Where do I lube? How about dry firing oil in ASA?





dont use grease at all on cockers except for the completely non-moving o-rings like under the front block and under the ASA block on the gun...

putting grease on the bolt will make it sluggish and not work correctly...only use oil on cockers as far as moving parts go, i'd suggest any paintball oil or like PPS gun oil...and for a long time supply you can buy Air Tool oil from a hardware store for like $5 for 10 oz or so...will last forever, trust me...Senco is the brand i use.

if you have an aluminum bolt, oil the o-rings and the bolt shaft. if you have a delrin bolt, dont oil it at all, it slides better without any lubrication.

if your 3-way leaks, put a couple drops in the front and back while the gun isnt gassed up, work the trigger a bit to get the oil on the o-rings and the 3-way walls and the air it up and test.

to oil the regs without taking them apart, drop 2-5 drops in the ASA...or directly into the regulator macroline fitting...put the gun together, add your air source, and dry fire WITHOUT a barrel on...20 - 30 shots minimum...then wipe the extra oil off the pneumatics or pump handle and you should be good to go.
-Tim Firpo