What's Louder?

Whats louder, a sniper or a phantom.




it TRULY depends on the gun and setup you're using, you're going to get varying stories all across the board with this one...

notoriously quiet guns out of the box include:
CCM Snipers: as long as you dont hold the pump forward, if you do they sound like a farting duck.
OLD stock WGP snipers: as long as you have a ported barrel.
Phantoms: these are almost as quitet as a CCM with a longer more ported barrel, the Boomsticks or older SP barrels work well, but best of all are the CCI CF barrels which are extremely rare and hard to find...without the ubgraded barrel, they have kind of a 'pop' noise...
Blazers: add a pump kit and you're ready to go, there's so little moving and such little valve bounce that these are very quiet with no upgrades...and you can easily turn it back into a ripping semi.

you can basically spring and valve any sniper to be super quiet, blazers are very quiet out of the box, all you need is a pump kit ($70), phantoms can be made to be quieter as long as you have the right barrel for it, and the old WGP stock sniper 1's and 2's work well as long as you have a newer ported barrel, otherwise they sound like cannons...

i have played with and own most of these guns so you can be confident in what i'm telling you...i hope you find what you're looking for, good luck and happy pumping

-Tim Firpo