Sniper 1 and 2 Info

I see you appreciate the old WGP 'guns too!  Great collection, BTW...

I own Sniper II #5708. She may not be the prettiest girl at the prom, but she performs very well.

I have been looking for information on the lug for the old girl.  I don't know if mine is a garage hack job or factory and thought you might have some insight as a Sniper aficionado.  From what I gather, most Snipers come with a 10/32 x 1/2" lug.  Mine, however, is 3/4" long and has a different thread pattern.  I am not positive on what threads it has, but I know with certainty that it is 3/4" long.  Additionally, the last 3/16" or so has the threads milled completely off.  I haven't figured out why entirely, but I believe it has to do with the cocking rod screwing into the hammer.  Looks like the threads for the cocking rod extend to the lug.  Oh, and it is the ancient lug--no top-side adjustment here.  The frame has to come off to gain any access to it.

Anyway, have you seen anything like this or do I have someone's weekend project?  I am looking for a few extra lugs for the toolbox and my first trips to the hardware stores have been in vain.


looks nice...hehe, aftermarket back block, ball detent, pump kit, sight, reg, drop, bolt, cocking pin (rod), and barrel

no, your gun isn't a garage gun...the ones that were grarage made were the sniper 1 and sniper 1.5...(which are basically sniper 2's with sniper 1 internals)...sniper 2's start at a really low 2500 or something, i forget the actual number...

they didn't get a top lug adjustment screw or ball detents till later and the one you have was post-factory drilled (ball detent i mean)

the lug on the older sniper 2's had the threads milled off of them where they contacted the sear because after much use it would have to be replaced anyway because of wear on the threads...i'm assuming that the milled flat part is closest to the side you put the allen key in to adjust it...because ifnot, i have no clue why it's like could also be because you have an aftermarket cocking pin (rod) that has a longer length of threads than the old style ones did...yes...just checked that cocking pin (rod) from my original sniper one has 1/4" of threading that goes into the hammer and my newer sniper 2 cocking pin has 9/16" of threading that can go into the that's it right there...

i'm not quite sure why your lug is 3/4" long, could have just been the way they were made previously, i have a couple newer style ones here which are 9/16" long (just under 3/4") and a hammer is barely barely under 3/4" 1/32" it just might be that way cause of the age
the part and previous design styles...

as far as finding lugs like that that you can use for a toolbox...the newer ones have 10/24 threading, but i'm not sure about the older ones...i believe they might be should have the threads turned down from the part that contacts the sear though if you do find some small long set-screws that will work a local machine shop can have the threads turned down lower or just taken off all the way...3/4" long ones should work fine...either that or you can but a new hammer and get lugs you know will fit it...either way, your lug shouldn't wear down for a long long time...

hope i got everything... :-D

- Tim Firpo
- FirePro84