E-Phantom Inquiries

the battery in the grip was actually just a regular 9V energizer...nothing
special about it...the Paintball Mania cocker however uses some odd
combination of 4 re-chargable AAA size batteries...i need to get some from
radio shack and replace these old ones...

just curious, where are you from? nor-cal by any chance? :-)

- Tim Firpo
- FirePro84
- Viper84@jps.net
- www.FIREPRO84.com


Hey, Tim.

No, I'm not from Nor-Cal.  Actually, I'm from Chicago, IL.  I got so
interested in this electronic phantom idea, that I started researching how
to build one of those suckers.  I found out all the pieces I needed.
However, putting it all together seemed a bit more challenging.  I figured I
could shell out $425 to Punisher and have him convert my phantom.  Or, I
could try and find a used one for sale. You know of anyone wanting to sell theirs? 
(probably not, but I'd thought I'd ask). In your opinion, was it a cool gun?  Is
it worth the cash for the end result?

I have a few guns already, but none as accurate as the phantom.  There are 2
types of paintballers, I've found:  commandos & snipers.  Commandos rush in
and spray away with their angel markers with full force.  I take my time and
snipe.  But if I could have the phantom's accuracy with a semi-auto rate of
fire, I'd be in business!

Am I wasting my time and money with this e-phantom idea?  I mean, is there
another paint marker that you would suggest instead of the e-phantom?

Well, sorry that this is shaping up to be a huge-ass e-mail, but I love
paintball-tech stuff, and I'm always interested in learning more.

thanks for responding!


Chicago baller, nice :-) how's the weather there this time of year?

as far as the e-phantom goes, i believe that this is the only one currently
in circulation...unless he built others that i'm not aware about...i
honestly dont know how many there are...

this one was the prototype e-phantom and now he has a new design with an all
electronic design or something liek that...i'm not really sure...but the one
i have is very odd...the ROF is only about 6 - 8 BPS max...and that's hard
to do...the way the trigger is set up is the same as your normal phantom but
there's a microswitch on the back that actuates the solenoid to re-cock the
gun...its basically 2 different systems in one gun...phantom system to fire
it, and cocker system to re-cock it.

i was thinking of how to speed up the automation to get more BPS and thought
of putting QEV's on the ram, but when i did that the gun wouldnt even cycle
correctly, that's basically the only upgrade that can be made to this gun
right now andit doesnt even help it.  spending the price of a phantom and
then an extra $400 to have it converted to electronic would be a bad move if
Punisher's new e-system is the same as this one...but since i dont know i
cant say for sure...

the one i have is now outdated so i'm not sure how relevant this information
is...you'd have to ask pun about getting perhaps a video of the new one in
action if its finished yet...

did i answer everything?