Tech E-mails and Forum Posts

Reflex Autococker I heard you are the man to ask about the reflex system, I was interested in one and wanted to know all I can about them.
CCI T-Stocks and Stocks On My Phantoms I am going to purcahse a Phantom and would like to buy a T stock like the one shown on the black Phantom on the FirePro84 web site. The stock doesn't appear to be the same T stock shown on the on Mike's CCI Phantom web site so I would really appreciate it if you would let me know what kind of a T stock it is? Also, there appears to be some kind of a spacer between the grip and the stock...what is it?
Sniper 1 and 2 Information I see you appreciate the old WGP 'guns too! Great collection, BTW... I own Sniper II #5708 She may not be the prettiest girl at the prom, but she performs very well. I have been looking for information on the lug for the old girl. I don't know if mine is a garage hack job or factory and thought you might have some insight as a Sniper aficionado.
E-Phantom Inquiries I do have a question for you though. On your e-phantom, what battery was inside the grip that ran the electronic valve? Was it a AA-sized one or a coin-shaped one? If you could tell me the battery and what voltage it is?
Mini Sniper (Sniper 3) Questions

I have been thinking about doing a mini Sniper and have been looking at yours. I assume that on the Chipley mini pump kit it has a hole for air?

I'm having trouble reaching field velocity. With the "stock" valve I can only get it to 220 fps through a Lapco Bigshot with Draxus medium-bore paint.

Blazer Serial Number Questions hey tim, check out the two blazers for sale on pog. wut you think? serial numbers? how do the serial numbers work on blazers? new - old?
Regulated Phantoms Have you tinkered with LP on a Phantom? I'd like to persue that on mine but am concerned about spring pressures and cocking issues. I really only want to reg. down to about 600 or so just to be below the CO2 "COLD WEATHER" pressure. I suppose after the reg., a lighter valve spring would be the place to start.
Where To Find Old and Vintage Guns Dude I've been looking at your collection and DAMN you have some old guns! Where do you find them? I want to get a really old gun, just don't know where to look. PBN? Ebay?
12 Gram Efficiency On Snipers I noticed you have 12 grams on your sniper 2s. How many shots do you get per 12 gram? Did you have to modify your gun in anyway to use 12 grams?
Dummy 12 Gram In Squall I saw that you had a dummy 12gram to use the squall for constant air. I was wondering where you got it/who did the custom job.
Which Is Louder Whats louder, a sniper or a phantom?
Halo Explanations... Full breakdown of all boards out for the HaloB and the descriptions of differences between HaloA / HaloB / ReloaderB
Angel LED Questions Do they come with ACE? What reg to use? Different milling? Price?
Using Grease on Cockers What kind of grease, if any, to use? use oil instead?
Pump Guns - Pros/Cons I want to pick up a couple pump guns (new) in the $200 to $500 range. Any sugguestions?
CIP Box Gun Info Tell me about the Box Gun. It looks like a really sweet piece of craftsmanship. I'm curious as to the history and performance aspects.
E1 vs E2 Eblade Frames What are the ups/downs of the E1 Vs. E2?
Regs for CO2 vs HPA I have 3 regs, palmer stab., AA vigilante, and dye hyper2. I opened the vigilante and stab. and the design looks similar. Why is the vigilante considerd hpa only reg?
AKA Viking DM4 Grip Frame Modification Using a DM4 grip frame and all Dye DM electronics to power and operate an AKA Viking.
Fastest Parts for a Mechanical Autococker What's the fastest trigger, 3 way, valve, lpr, ram, bolt?
Best Barrels I have always felt as long as the barrel was machined well, and of good quality, preformance depended more so on your choice of paint. Would you agree or do kits vary greatly in preformance?

If you have any requests for information on how something works, or how to do a modification please feel free to ask!