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Electronic Markers
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Eclipse Nexus Autococker - DC1 or DC2
Deadly Wind Aedes
Alien Paintball Independence '09
MacDev - Cyborg 07 / RX
Angel - A1 Fly or G7 Fly
A+ Milled DM4 or DM5
Eclipse Ego - '05
CCM Series 6 - Gloss Black
CCM '09 Pump Halfblock / J2L
Shocktech '09 Mechanical Autococker
Nelson/Crossman 707
Cockers - Boston Twister, Acid, CCM, AKA, etc...
Phantoms - VSC Urban Camo
Lapco Gray Ghost '06 - '08

Smart Parts Markers, DM 5/6/7/8, PM 5/6/7/8/Rail, Indian Creek Design Markers
Bob Long Intimidator 2K3+, Eclipse Ego 6/7/8/Etek1/2
Spyders/Clones, Tippmanns/Clones, Brass Eagles/Clones, AGD Automags
Stock Bodied Autocockers 2K+, Mil-Sims/Clones

Electronics Wanted

Hard / Soft Parts Wanted
Halo Board - Reloader B2, Magna
Halo Parts - Motor, Screw Kits, Empire Freeway
Predator V3 Angel Board
Predator DM4 Board
Tadao OLED Autococker Yakuza Board
Tadao Viking/Excal Board
Redz Comfort Belt Size XL
Redz 5+5 Dimension Pack
Halo Parts - Complete Raceways, Magnetic Shells
Vert Regs - Palmers, CP, Shocktech
Bottom Lines - CP Rails, CP ASAs, etc...
O-Ring Kits / Rebuild Kits

Want To Sell
All prices and descriptions are listed below the items in the photos. The prices listed do not include any shipping charges. I can ship however you would like, however I prefer to use Priority Mail. I can combine shipping on multiple items to make shipping cost less. Most all the markers seen are being posted for friends, I have sold around 20 markers through this website for others already.

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Palmers Pursuit Shop Custom 1 of 1 Classic Blazer Barrel
$120.00 o.b.o. + shipping
Trades: 14" Angel 1 Ultralite Barrel + cash, other Dye barrels

- One of a kind Craig Palmer Classic Blazer Barrel
- Shank cut for 1k series blazers, will fit both 1k and 2k style bodies
- Total length 12"
- sight bead
- nickel plated
- .690 Bore w/ medium wedgits
- Double Honed interior, finished with paper
- Custom hand drilled 2.5 spiral porting pattern
- Custom milling and classic finnish with flames and splats

Bought by myself from Palmers Pursuit Shop several years ago brand new. Originally paid over $220.00 for the barrel. This was a one-off barrel that Craig had made as a demonstration piece and display model for the front case at the store, there are few other classic barrels like this one besides the one craig uses on his blazer which just has the rings milled and nothing else. I have never seen another out in the public.

The finnish on the barrel is an original PPS "Classic" style with ghost flames on the tip and small "splat" markings over the rest of the barrel, you can see both of these in the photos. It has a sight bead on it where it should be oriented to the gun body as it has been paper honed for the best trajectory. Originally when I bought it, it wasn't matched to the sight bead, so while I was working at the shop I had Craig paper-hone the inside of the bore to match it properly, it shoots phenominally well.

Would be a great piece for any collection, or to spruce up a special Blazer, I have hardly used it which is why I am deciding to pass it on to someone new. As far as trades are concerned, I would only really like a couple Angel 1 Threaded Dye Ultralites, even a couple backs with one front would be ok, 14" please.

E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

Blue 'Venomwear' Skull Camo Sandana
$15.00 o.b.o. + shipping
Trades: BlackStar Headbands (hawiian print preferably)

- Standard sandana mesh head wrap
- Blue Skull Camo
- Terry cloth forehead pad
- No rips or tears in any fabric
- No stains on any fabric, used only a handfull of times
- Velcro works and holds as new

E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

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Palmers Pursuit Shop Squall SQ2125 - Black Wrinkle Powdercoat over Nickel Plate
$650.00 o.b.o. + shipping
Trade offers welcome: Angel A1's + Cash ONLY

- Powdercoat Black Wrinkle Finish
- Masked Serial Number Placard
- Standard Spring Feed
- Dropout 12 gram CO2
- Nickel PPS Fasst Changer w/ Deep Knurling
- Nickel PPS Extended Feed Plug w/ Deep Knurling
- All Nickel Highlights (bolt, bolt pin, vel.adjust cap, trigger shoe, link arm, etc...)
- Efficiency ~ 20 - 25 Rounds -- Crossman 12gm.

- Can add one or two QEV's to the ram system before shipping for $20 and $35 respectively.
- QEV's would be professionally installed by myself (former PPS gun tech).

Complete History of Marker
Gun was built by PPS in Spring 2007 for a customer. Said customer wanted the gun quickly so it was not nickel plated originally. He recieved the marker and test fired it only, decided he didn't particularly like it. He then sold it to my good friend Grant S. who lives here in CA. Grant brought the gun into PPS while I was working there complaining of a leak. The leak was in one of the LPR solder joints. PPS then stripped and rebuilt the chassis, nickel plated it, re-powdercoated it in Black Wrinkle, and returned it to Grant. Since he has had the gun it has never seen the paintball field.

There are no flaws anywhere visible on the powdercoating, the only place where it has worn away is underneath the Extended Feed Plug above where the bolt sits which would be considered normal wear considering the texture of the feed plug. The scratched portion shows matte nickel underneath.

Since the gun has been sitting and getting no use Grant would like to trade it for an Angel 1 for his Dad.

E-mail: Viper84@jps.net


2 LNIB Pulse Hoppers - $60.00 Each + Shipping
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

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Various Drop Forwards / Accessories
Area 1: $15.00 For Rails / $20.00 For Rails with ASA's
Area 2: $7.00
Area 3: SOLD!
Area 4: Duckbills - $4.00
Area 5: Angled Duckbill w/ Screws - $5.00
Area 6: $7.00
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

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Various Tank Parts / Accessories
Area 1: Used Valves - $5.00 ea
Area 2: $3.00 ea
Area 3: CO2 Tank Valve Seals - $2.00 ea
Area 4: CO2 Tank Valve Pins & Springs - $2.00 set
Area 5: CO2 Tank Valve Pins - $1.00 ea
Area 6: Various CO2 Tank Valve Pins & Springs - $2.00 set or $1.00 ea
Area 7:
Area 8: Various Air Fittings QD Pieces - $2.00 ea
Area 9: Slide Check Valves - $10.00 ea
Area 10: Gun To Hose Adapters - 7.00 ea
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

Autococker Parts
Area 1: Complete 2K+ Set - $15.00
Area 2 Complete 2K+ Set - $15.00
Area 3: Complete '99 Set - $15.00
Area 4: Straight Pump Arm Black - $7.00
Area 5: 2K+ Block & Screw - $5.00
Area 6 2K+ Block & Screw - $5.00
Area 7: 2K3 Stock Block - $5.00 KAPP Adjustable LPR - $10.00
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

4.5" - 6" - $5.00
6.5" - 10" - $7.00
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

JT Visor (Black) x3 - $5.00 ea
JT Visor (Olive) - $4.00 - PENDING
Raven Lense - $10.00
Raven Goggle Foam - $5.00
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

Java Pack Suspenders x5 - $7.00 ea + shipping
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

Proto Switch Clear Lense - $15.00
Ronin Gear Tank Leg Holder - $7.00
EvLution 2 (egg) Hopper Lids x3 - $5.00 ea
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

KAPP Drop Zone 3 w/ on-off - $10.00
Generic .45 Wrap Around Grips - $5.00
Brass Eagle 12gm Changer - $5.00
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net

Tippmann(?) Style ASA - $5.00
All prices listed above DO NOT include shipping costs!
E-mail: Viper84@jps.net